The Ring of Beara

A tough but beautiful loop of a rugged peninsula with unrivalled scenery – a classic!

Distance Height Gain
140 km 1,560 m

Although some 30km shorter than the more popular Ring of Kerry, the neighbouring Beara Peninsula has a lot to offer from a cycling and touring point of view, taking visitors along scenery both wild and ancient and through towns that have a charm and authenticity.

The coastal roads that surround the peninsula are quiet from a traffic point of view and a lot more peaceful than other areas, giving ample opportunity to enjoy Atlantic views of the Iveragh Peninsula to the north and the Sheep’s Head Peninsula and Bere and Whiddy Islands to the south. The terrain along the route is as varied as you would expect for this distance with some challenging climbs, fast descents and everything in between. The beauty and wildness of this region is one to be treasured.

Please note that sample routes on this site are only a short preview with much more detail covered in the book.