The Casement Tour

Travel though a historical and scenic Pocket of North Kerry

Distance Height Gain
38 km 230 m

In 2016, Ireland celebrated the centenary of the Easter Rising in Dublin and the nation’s eventual independence. A precursor to the uprising occured in these parts of north Kerry: Sir Roger Casement landed from a German submarine, U-19, on ‘lonely Banna Strand’, and was arrested nearby, following a failed attempt to land a consignment of arms in Tralee Bay for the Easter Rising.

This route captures a little of that modern history as well as the ancient history of Ardfert village, its surrounding areas and the local spiritual leader, St Brendan the Navigator, a fifth-century monk who is said to have discovered the New World and sailed to North America long before the Vikings or Christopher Columbus.

Please note that sample routes on this site are only a short preview with much more detail covered in the book.